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Let’s Get Moving!

We can’t believe that next week is the last week of our 6 Week Virtual Activity Programme. We hope that you feel fitter and healthier if you have been following along and Keeping Well. Although the 6 weeks are up, the fun and activities certainly are not. There are lots of exciting ways to get moving coming up so let’s check them out! Please do keep in mind that these events all require pre-registration, so book early to avoid disappointment.

1 – Operation Transformation Virtual 5KM.

We have all been staying within our 5km, so what better time to take full advantage of it. Operation Transformation are hosting a virtual 5km for all ages and levels between the 18th and 20th of February and would love everyone to get involved! It is a registered event, so if you are interested make sure you sign up here.

2 – Online Kids Dance

If your little ones got involved in Round 1 of Kids Dance you’ll know how much fun it was. If not, you need to find out! Starting on February 22nd, Kids Dance will run for a further 4 weeks and you can sign up here. It is suitable for kids aged 4 – 12 and can be done live or through a recorded link to suit your schedule.

3 – Online Tai Chi

With lockdown likely to extend, what better time to start something new? If you have always liked the idea of exercise being a little different then this is just for you! Starting February 22nd and running for 4 weeks, online Tai Chi is suitable for adults 50+ and will show you a brand new way to exercise, right from the comfort of your own home. You can get involved here.

4 – Online Pilates

Build strength and muscle with low impact Pilates! Starting on February 22nd, these online classes are also aimed at 50+ and are another great way to get active from home. Pilates is great for body and mind so a brilliant way to destress through lockdown life. Register here.

5 – Online Circuits

Fit February is trending at the moment and we very much want to keep that up for March too. What better way than signing up for a 4 week Online Circuits class. Continue where you left off, or start brand new – either way Online Circuits are a great way to keep fit and coach XXX would be delighted to have you. You can sign up for the 4 week course here.

6 – Online Line Dancing

Last, but by no means least is Online Line Dancing. A perfect excuse to ‘’dance like nobody is watching’’, line dancing is a great way to exercise and will lift your mood as well as getting that heart rate up. The best part? Once we can go back to parties and weddings, you can bust out your new moves to impress the family. Click here to take part

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