LGBTQ+ Sports Club in Ireland

LGBTQ+ Sports Clubs in Ireland

Sporting Pride is the recognised sports association for the LGBTQ+ community in Ireland, whose mission is to inspire the LGBTQ+ community to get active. Their aim is to help sporting organisations to develop inclusive programmes that will continue breaking down barriers, increase participation rates and making sport in Ireland a safe and welcoming place for the LGBTQ+ community at all levels, whether players, supporters, coaches, officials or volunteers.

Sporting Pride has launched a leaflet promoting the existing LGBTQ+ sports clubs around the country, the first of its kind in Ireland  Download the leaflet by clicking here
These clubs are really important in providing safe and welcoming places to meet people with similar interests and backgrounds, reducing the sense of isolation many LGBTQ+ people feel when coming to terms with their sexuality. By engaging with an LGBTQ+ sports club, your world suddenly opens up to a new layer of friends and a community who understand your situation - so these clubs and sport can play a vital role in improving one's physical...but also mental - health and wellbeing.